High Quality Sanding Solutions and Service to Go With It

Posted by Dan Ray on Oct 1st 2020

There are many places to buy sanding products these days but what are you getting and who are you buying from?  As the owner of Top Industrial Supply, I've achieved success for my customers and myself a little differently than most.

Quality Saves You Money: Almost every customer I've earned looked at the price of the item on a quote and thought it was high.  It's natural for everyone to want to spend the least amount possible and the price is the easiest thing to see.  What costs more-using 10 belts at $35 per belt or 2 belts at $75 each?  How much more does it cost to run parts 4-5 times through the machine to achieve (or many times just get "close")?  As opposed to running it through one time and get a great looking part the first time?  VSM Abrasives offers the best variety of products in the marketplace that even 3M chooses not to.  There's often times a specific product VSM makes no one else does, and your customers will love the results.

Service You Only Get from Dealing with an Owner: I handle all aspects of my business (sales, purchasing, inventory management, logistics).  When you're a Top Industrial Supply customer, I know who you are when you call.  You're not getting an hourly employee with Top Industrial, you're getting someone whose business depends on your satisfaction. Given the chance to prove it, I'll learn what you use and the best way to be ready for your requirements.  I look for the best possible product for your requirements to give you the best possible value.  I welcome uncommon sizes and get them to you in a short amount of time.  

As your customers' expectations increase while the economy presses on you, can you afford to use abrasives from who knows where and a source who doesn't really know you or your business?